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Welcome to the Trimmers Solar Farm website.

Trimmers Solar Farm will power 7,200 homes with clean energy for 25 years.

Our target is to contribute to the control of global warming by reducing fossil fuel consumption.
Trimmers Solar Farm will save 10,300 tonnes of carbon a year - over 258,000 tonnes over 25 years.

Trimmers Solar Farm is to be developed on low grade agricutural land and landfill to the west of Winchfield. Please use the links below to find out more about this important development. If you would like to join our ecology conservation volunteers please get in touch.

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The Site

Trimmers Solar Farm will be located on a landfill site between the London to Southampton railway and the M3 Motorway to the south-east of Hook and to the west of Winchfield.

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The Impacts

By installing solar panels we will increase the energy production capacity of our land by a factor of at least 200 times saving over 105,000 tonnes of carbon over 25 years.

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Government Policy

Government policy is to install 20 Gigawatts of clean solar energy by 2020. This will be achieved through a combination of domestic, commercial and large scale solar.

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Our Legacy

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to pass on a world at least as clean we enjoy. We have to act now to bring climate change under control while we still can.

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We owe everything to starlight.

The light we receive from our sun is the key to our survival.

Our existence has always depended on our ability to harness the power of our local star.

The source of all life on Earth arrives after a journey of 8 minutes 19 seconds from an insignificant star in an insignificant corner of a minor galaxy on the outer edge of a constantly expanding universe of mind boggling proportions whose physical laws we have hardly even begun to understand. Earth is located in an orbit uniquely placed to sustain carbon based life in, on the grand scale of things, a tiny solar system. By rights we probably shouldn't exist but by either a grand plan or a bizarre miracle here we are complete with a significantly damaged atmosphere less that 60 miles thick and a planetary eco system that we have managed to push to the edge of destruction in less than 300 years of industrial development.

We assume that being the dominant species we will survive forever conveniently forgetting that homo sapiens has existed for only 200,000 years and that two completely separate generations of dinsosaurs each dominated our planet for several million years, both of those generations separated by several other million years. We can't maintain that assumption. If we continue to destroy our atmosphere, our eco system and our food chains we could be all but extinct within 500 years.

To quote Ban Ki-Moon: "There is no Plan B" because we do not have a Planet B. We have to work and galvanize our action. Thank you for your action and your power to change."

So this is it. This is what we are going to do:

The End Of Fossil Fuels.

We are going to generate all of our energy from renewable resources.

The National Planning Policy Framework states that Local Authorities should have a positive strategy to promote energy from renewable and low carbon sources.

In August 2014 Hart District Council published a Sustainability Appraisal of Housing Development Options.
21 development objectives were specified including: protecting and enhancing the health and wellbeing of the population, increasing energy efficiency, security and diversity of supply, promoting the use of land through the appropriate re-use of previously developed land, improving the efficiency of resource use and achieving sustainable resource management.

Trimmers Solar Farm will meet 10 of these objectives without having to build a single house.

The End Of Contamination.

We are going to stimulate and maintain our local eco system.

Whether it's animal, vegetable, fruit or aquatic all of our food depends on our eco system. Our pollinators, reptiles and creepy crawlies are essential and they're free!

If we had to pay the bees to pollinate our flowers and vegetables George Osborne's coffers would be empty by the end of October. Our eco system stretches back through many layers to the smallest microbes and fungi that break down organic matter and contaminants to recycle them into the food we depend on for our daily sustenance. As we all know, a century of mechanised farming that has seen the use of synthetic fertilisers and insecticides has decimated our pollinator population and polluted our streams and rivers.

Trimmers Solar Farm will work to revitalise the landfill, the streams and the surrounding land.